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Thanks a lot for sharing this!

While I have a great mechanic, he seems too busy lately.

So I am also looking for someone in that area as I live and work there, for the times when my mechanic is going through a very busy season. The later he stays the better as I tend to stay overtime at work!

I will give this guy a try as I simply want my new rims installed on my cars. I think my current rims are the reason why my E39 shimmies but I am not 100% sure as I have not been able to get it checked yet.

Originally Posted by poleposition View Post
Thought I would share a great find, I don't know if he has been mentioned yet.

I tried contacting some of the recommended shops and Max sponsors in this thread and they were all busy/ did not return call or email or maybe no one is too keen on working on E30's

So I decided to take a chance and try someone random. His shop goes by BMWizard, name is Matt, 2006 highway 7 West, Unit 5. 6478311981. Honest and knowledgeable guy. His prices are very very reasonable and used quality parts. Did the control arm bushings and serpentine belt on my brothers 330 e46 and a whole bunch of things on my E30. Highly recommend.

Oh i just remembered, he is open late so it works for those who finish work after 5.
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