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Ok, I hope I haven't missed the answer already. I've got a '91, minimal modifications. Don't want to tackle the AFM yet, but do like the injector idea. I'm always after a little more power. dyno shows ~177bhp 5 months ago (with the conservative estimated drivetrain losses added back) I also get ~24mpg on e10 89octane.

I want more power, but I'd also like a little better fuel economy. I drive 75 miles a day to and from work (it's my daily driver) It amazes me that the i6 engines aren't better anyway....none of them are though from any maker. I'd thnk that one of the best designs for dynamic self balance would lend to better economy and power. . . . ok, i'm rambling, it's late here.

So, With little change besides clean, balanced, and matched injectors....will i likely see better economy along with the power. What else will need upgrading at the same time (fuel regulator/pump, etc)
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