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dinanstu its dinandave from bf.c lol, i thought about selling mine as well but for 12-14 not a chance, how many miles does it have? and howcome you have the oem coolant reservoir with the zionsville rad? my car has a massive folder or receipts and work orders too, documentation is everything... well that an a clean history and a clean car.. depending on mileage and the condition you could get upwards of 17000 with the right buyer, its hard to find clean , let alone dinan m3's, is it a dinan serial'd car? there was only every 900 and less than 1/4 of them still exist...i may be a tad bias because i too own a dinan s3, with fm5's aa tune, an aftercooler, oil cooler, etc..etc... and wouldnt even think about letting it go for 12-14, but mine is minty as hell and has every dinan part possible as well as some good history behind the car...atleast keep your car until next summer so we can photograph our cars together!

but another option as many have already mentioned is too sell everything seperate and convert the car back to stock, ps do bmw dealerships still give you the dinan badge for free once the check to see if you have enough dinan parts? or because dinan lost the deal do they not stock any of the products anymore? i got one from buds a few years ago, i may want another

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