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It is people like this that give mechanics a bad name. You say you hate going to the mechanic more than the dentist? This is because you don't have a good mechanic! There are many good mechanics out their. A couple are sponsors on here and there are many other independants. My father is an independant mechanic that works on mainly german makes. He sees people come in all the time with problems that other mechanics can't fix. The funny thing is that in alot of cases, these other shops have taken these customers for alot more than my father will actually fixing the problem, just like Rocco made next to nothing fixing the problem, while the first mechanic made good coin replacing un-necessary parts.

Also, if you have a BMW and you go to a shop that can't scan it properly, your in the wrong place! What kind of ex BMW Tech runs a shop without a proper scanner??

At the end of the day though, you can't put all the blame on the mechanic. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure who they are leaving their car with. I know sometimes people refer you to people they know, but you should still do your due diligence. Not having a scanner for a make you are trained on repairing and is your bread and butter is a dead give away to get out of there fast.

A mechanic is like a doctor. You have a family doctor because he/she knows your medical history and can provide better service to your health because he know that history. Your mechanic is the same thing. He will know your vehicle and know what kind of shape it is in, your driving style, and common problems with that vehicle that will help him better diagnose the issues. That is why shop jumpers always get screwed.

So in the case of the original poster, you see that rocco did a great job, maybe you should make the drive to have him be your regular mechanic. Or maybe you will do some more research and be able to find someone as good or better than rocco near your home.

Or lastly, maybe you will be lazy (like many people are) and take your car to the quikie lube down the street because it is close by and your engine will seize because the 16 year old trainee forgot to tighten the drain plug (just an extreme example...not taking jabs at anyone or any place).
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