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Originally Posted by BMWdouche View Post
I find it shady that you aren't releasing the name of the shop that screwed you over so bad... most people would be quite pissed and create a thread saying "STAY AWAY FROM XYZ MOTORS" if they got screwed that hard.

I find it hard to believe that you are keeping your cool to not hurt their business... if this is true (which I am 99% that it is fake from your wording and use of grammar).. you are absolutely the nicest person on the planet and some sort of christian missionary who goes door to door preaching about jesus and forgiveness.

But since you drive a BMW.. we all know you aren't nice... because BMW owners aren't nice.
Sorry about my wording and grammar but English isn't my first language. I am Christian, but I don't go door to door preaching--I actually don't even go to church.

I wish I was the nicest person in the word, but sadly I am not. I bought a BMW because I am passionate about the brand since my teens. (I promised myself that my first car will be a BMW and I waited 10 years until I bought one! And I am pretty sure my next car will be a BMW too!) I didn't buy it to race on the streets, or be rude to other drives, or impress girls. I don't agree with you by saying BMW owners aren't nice. I've met quite few nice BMW owners, including a member on this forum who offered me the use of his garage and liftjack when I asked for help on this forum.
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