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Originally Posted by BMWfan View Post
I don't think the word 'rave' is an accurate description of my post, because my message was very clear (not insane or incoherent), and I did not slander anyone's name or business; I could've easily mentioned which shop it is but I refuse to do that.

And yes, I came here specifically to post my review but I don't see how that makes it a fake story. Everyone has to start from somewhere. But of course you have the right to question, and you don't have to believe me. You can simply skip to the next topic.

And it's fine if someone wants to track my IP--I did not commit a crime, you know. I am simply sharing my bad experience with a certain shop/mechanic. I definitely have the right to do that. I am sure many others can identify with having to deal with a bad mechanic, especially BMW drivers who love their cars and really want to fix them.

I decided to create another account so the shop won't be easily tracked from my original user name. I hate to be the reason a business suffers financially, after all their business is the source of their income. May be my case was a rare unlucky case with this mechanic; may be others had better luck, I don't know. I am not claiming that he is a bad mechanic because of my experience with him. All I am doing is sharing my frustration. I bought my first BMW few months ago and I thought it was going to be an exciting experience, but so far I have been unable to enjoy it like I had hoped to.

And your apologies are accepted.
I find it shady that you aren't releasing the name of the shop that screwed you over so bad... most people would be quite pissed and create a thread saying "STAY AWAY FROM XYZ MOTORS" if they got screwed that hard.

I find it hard to believe that you are keeping your cool to not hurt their business... if this is true (which I am 99% that it is fake from your wording and use of grammar).. you are absolutely the nicest person on the planet and some sort of christian missionary who goes door to door preaching about jesus and forgiveness.

But since you drive a BMW.. we all know you aren't nice... because BMW owners aren't nice.
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