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Originally Posted by RedEye View Post
Could be the coolant temp sensor (the one that feeds the ecu, not the gauge. The blue one iirc). After I fixed all my vacuum leaks the surging stopped but the car was running so rich it wouldn't warm start. The resistance of that sensor increases as temperature decreases; the sensor's internal resistance also increases with age and wear. So an aging sensor can be telling the ecu that the engine is a lot colder than it really is, hence running rich. When I got my car I think it was only running because the vast amount of unmetered air from the many vacuum leaks sort of balanced the vast amount of extra fuel from the dead CTS.
I do remember swapping that some time back with a used one. that does seem to make sense. it is running rich for sure. Well, that may need swapping out for a new one. However, the sensor is brass and the only resistance it could bring with it is the tarnish? that can easily be cleaned up with a wire wheel. I think the sensor is like 15.00 -20.00 at most. Worth a try. thanks for the input.

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