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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
I donno man, almost everyone I know of locally who went FI had issues eventually with the motor. Without opening the motor, FI on these motors is not proven to be reliable, unless you never drive it hard or make it a garage queen.
I had issues with components around the motor, but not the actual motor itself. To track an FI car reliably you need to up the cooling system to deal with the extra heat and run no more than 8-10 pounds of boost, an m52/s52 with any half decent turbo setup will be making 350-400whp easily with that little boost which is more than enough for any track car. It's all in the motor prep, and putting together an solid setup. With an FI car you gotta be on top of things versus n/a where you can most likely get away with a not-so-great put together motor. There are dozens of guys in the US doing 20-30 track days, drift events etc with boosted m5x motors, I'd say they're up to the task.

On a turbo/supercharged car you cannot expect things(even the motor itself) to last as long as the stock counterpart. Only few can pay to play....

If anyone is wondering, I has a m52b28 with a forged bottom end, o-ringed block and i'm using a stock headgasket. With boost of course. Love it!
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