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E36 98 Alpina B3 3.2 Manual Cabriolet

Hi everyone;

New here, just joined. I have just purchased a 1998 Alpina B3 3.2, Manual Cabriolet from Germany. There was only one manual for sale, which has full service history (book all stamped) and only 82,000 Km on the clock, superb condition. Not cheap by any means (unfortunately) as they do fetch full value in Germany and are fully recognized......several tens of thousands of Euros so it was not a bargain, but these are very rare (even in their native country) and exclusive as those who know older model Alpinas would understand. It is making its way to Canada right now. Technoviolet in color, with Lilac and black leather interior. There were a total of 88 Cabs produced and majority of those were switchtronics. Around thirty something were manuals, and only two in the individual Technoviolet color. It has a hard top too, same color. Looking forward to it coming over as I believe this will be the only (so far) one in North America, although a Dakar Yellow one was sold on U.S. ebay in 2014 for $32K USD and I think taken back to Germany from Japan. It never made its way to North America and shows as being in Germany presently. Japanese ones have cloth interior and undercoating may or may not have been's not a guarantee. That's why I was searching fora German one for a while. Quite excited. I am hoping most will know what the Alpinas are versus the equivalent M3s.

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