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BMW in an old vacant CITATION dealership.

Kind of an odd question but it has been bothering me for years so I though i would toss it out on this forum and see if i can get any decent answers.

I used to live in oakville and on royal windsor drive just off of the QEW there is an old car dealership that is vacant accept called CITATION which i believe used to sell BMW's before they had a dealer network. Anyways, I had lived here for 15 years and never once seen any of the 3 cars move there are 2x3 series i believe on is a 4 door the other a coupe and on 6 series in between them. I think the back of the place has been rented out to machanics at times but nothing more.

I know quite a few people on this site work in many different industries including the auto industry and just seeing if anyone knows anything about these cars or if any enthuiests would know anything about them. needless to say these cars have struck my interest and i'm not actually sure if i'm more intersted in buying one or if i just really want to know why the hell these cars are still kept underglass for so many years in what looks to be an dealership in recievership from the mid 1980's
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