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Message from Dustin represetning VCR.

"First and foremost, let me say THANK YOU! Thank you all for making last year and this year possible. As of today, we have hit the 1000 registered car mark (motor4toys site not yet updated). Fantastic!
Please remember that this event represents the socal motorsport community, so please drive safely. All law enforcement agencies will be present and know of the event, so please be cool.
There is a release that must be filled out and signed by everyone in the car, you can download it at
Please hand that off to the attendant at the lot the day of the event. If you fill it out prior to the event, it will make things much easier. Without this release you will not be able to park on the property.
At the event, please exercise caution and patience. There are going to a lot of cars coming and going. Please be safe.
At the lot, please park in one spot only, no radios on, no revving, no doors open, unless they open upward (Lambo doors). The reason for this is maximize the space and minimize the chance of door dings. If you do not abide by the rules or act in a reckless manner we will ask you to leave.
I truly believe that we will hit the 10,000 toy mark.
We will need volunteers the day of the event, if you are interested, please email me at

NEUSPEED: Neuspeed will be having their "sale of the year", just for us. 30-60% off. The arrival time at Neuspeed is 130pm. They will be providing a free lunch just like last year. Thank you Nuespeed.

Again, thank all of you for making this happen. We are doing a great thing. See you sunday.

All the best, dustin"
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