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as an 325ix driver i can tell u a bit from my experience..

first with the bad, the tranny's tend to go...mine isnt in the greatest shape..and from what i read it seems to be the biggest issue with this car

that being said, so far i havent seen it to be such a big problem... the car still runs great.. performance-wise all i have is a cone filter and a markD chip, and it flies.. on the street and on the highway, hits 200 in no time

the awd rocks, especially the past couple of days in the snow without it id be done for.. even with my shitty tires, i make it up hills no problem, havent gotten stuck anywhere so far (cross-fingers)

i got no complaints with it, i love it...picked it up for 4500 back in march (its a 1990 and had about 198k clicks) but i think i got pretty lucky with it, on trader i saw ixes going for about 6-7g's..

for a winter car i would highly reccomend it, hell even for a year round driver...with just a few mods you can make it look pretty sick.. my only regret with it is that its 4dr, but you can find them in 2dr too if you get lucky

Old car 1990 325ix. Current car 2000 540i.
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