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Question what E30....

After this being my first winter with my car I have decided to get a second car for the next winter. I would like to stay with a BMW cause I love them. I know BMW's aren't great in the winter but i just dont want to drive my E36 through all the salt and grime while risking smashing it up.

so here's what I've got. I want an E30 but im not sure which one.
I sort of want to haev fuel economy which pushes me to the 318 but i dont want it to be soo gutless that I'll have a hard time keeping 120 on the highway. I would also like it to be reliable. I know the 325 will get me both reliability and power but it is also more when it comes to insurance. so unless someone thinks E30 318's are bad then i think im leaning towards one of those... other option I've been considering is a E30 325xi....
dont know much about those..
-how is the AWD
-is the drive train still reliable
-are they that different from a 325i
-are they a lot more money than the same year/milage/condition 325i

The other car I was considering was a 92ish Subaru Legacy or any other Subaru with AWD...

I had a 92 legacy at the shop today and it had been sitting in the back lot for 2 days while it had been snowing and I was having a hell of a time trying to get other vehicle's in/out of there but when i went to get the Legacy it had NO problem getting out of the spot it was in.. I was amazed..i think it did better than some of the 4x4 explorers.. I was especially impressed by the height adjustable suspension...from the push of a button on the dashboard the whole car raises 2- 3 inches..... I couldn't belive my own eyes

anyways...long post to ask simple question...what do you guys recomend....
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