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Originally posted by 325iSBimmer
you make a good point MKGINO....
But how come people will spend $$$ on a supersprint or whatever else, system when the exhaust is being choked up way in the beggining....
are those systems pretty much just for sound?

BTW.....i love the way ur front end that a M3 front bumper w/ rieger or just regular 328 bumper w/ rieger.

and are those hella headlights w/angle eyes
I got my exhaust for the sound. A lot of people know that the performance increase is minimal with an exhaust. When you mess around with bolt ons, you shouldnt expect much from them.

If this does work, you are looking at like 3hp tops, 5 if your lucky?? Not worth it. And if it did work, there would be companies that have a kit, so they can make money off of it (kinda like the fan delete kit which is useless IMO).

Thanks for the complements!! The front end is an original M3 front end with original rieger lip I ordered from the states.

The elliosoids are ZKW, with LLAE angel eyes.

I think that if you are not willing to spend the extra cash for the M3 front end, rieger makes a lip for the stock 3-series front, that I think looks amazing!
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