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Originally Posted by dcramer View Post
I'm fine with it being tested. It will pass.
There is certainly provision for 98 light-duty vehicles to be tested without OBD2. There were a number of vehicles which were manufactured without OBD2 in 98. They make provisions for them.

Also the law states that the Director has the leeway to allow an equivalent test.

An S50B32 was not available in Canada. And it's not an older motor. It is the same year as the car.

Ironically if this were a 97 I would be fine.
In North America all cars that were sold after 1996 had to be 100% OBD2 compliant... so I don't believe you will find a light-duty car without an OBD2 port in 1998. They're clearly are giving one year grace period 1996 -> 1997 but from 1998 onwards you cannot pass without a functioning OBD2 port.

But again, I'd love to see proof otherwise that there are 1998 cars without OBD2 compliance because then you would have a case against them.

I see now you're talking about the S50B32 (over looked the part where it was a Euro Motor). I honestly don't know what to tell you, your euro motor should be OBD2 compliant since in Europe it was OBD2 already as well as far as I know.

Yes if you had a 1997 car you would be in the clear and get issues a TSI.
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