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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
First of all your car is not a hotrod if you have an S50, as the S50 was available in the E36 chassis.

where are you getting this information? At the top of this thread there is a link and in it there is a guy who swapped an S54 into his E46 325Ci and it was etested under hot rod

And since your car is a 1998 car and came with OBD2 diagnostics, OBD2 diagnostics have to be 100% operational/functioning

And this is nothing new. You're not allowed to put an older motor into a newer chassis car. Plain and simple.

since when? i've seen lots of carbureted V8s in E36s

So if you swap your motor and you have a 1998 E36... you're allowed to put any OBD2 motor into your car that will allow you to keep OBD2 tests functioning.

You are NOT allowed to put an OBD1 motor in your car and you are NOT allowed to convert your OBD2 car to OBD1. It has always been this way, it just that in the past they never scanned the ECU so you could get away with it. Now you cannot.

In the governments own example they put a crate motor (with no emissions or OBD equipment into a vehicle that was OBDII compliant and tell you that it can be tested under hot rod. OBD has nothing to do with it if you are going for hot rod status
you're post requires clarification or where you are getting your information. Do you have a current drive clean repair (not just test) license?
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