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Originally Posted by sirex View Post

Second, what I said doesn't even matter. The analysts are using their really good sources to get an idea for shipments - WORLD WIDE, not just Canada, and the figures are pretty low.

Third, it's a terrible phone thats late to the market.

No one hates on BB any more than they should be hated on.
You're overestimating the "really good sources" the analysts have. In this case, you're talking about Canaccord Genuity, and their sources consist of nothing more than calling around to carrier retail locations and asking staff how sales are. They made an adjustment because the device wasn't being sold in the US yet. This is the same firm that told us that Apple shares would hit $800 soon. They don't have a good track record. They're also saying BBRY will hit $9. In comparison Citigroup and Jeffries say $20, Bernstein say $22, and so on but that doesn't make the news as much.

People like to focus on negative news and ignore positive signs if it doesn't fit in to a preferred narrative they're already sold on. We'll know the numbers when they're released, right now only BB and the carriers have any real idea.
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