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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
The numbers aren't solid though. MOBILICITY is now receiving the Z10. That will help boost phone sales. Other carriers still don't have it. Once it makes the rounds, I think it will do fine. If they fix bugs/issues and keep on top of things, they could survive and then make a push for the Z11 in the fall or next spring, try to keep up with a new phone a year deal like Android and iPhone.
LOL Mobilicity...... The only cariers that mattered were Bell, Rogers and Telus, because any realy BUSINESS oriented consumer who is going to buy this phone is going to be using one of the big 3 cariers in Canada.

Second, what I said doesn't even matter. The analysts are using their really good sources to get an idea for shipments - WORLD WIDE, not just Canada, and the figures are pretty low.

Third, it's a terrible phone thats late to the market.

///eP Everyone will find out the sales numbers at the earnings call end of march, until then bb cannot release any info about anything, some analysts are idiots that are controlled by the hedge funds to release info to keep the stock in the red, numbers dont lie, once released let the short squeeze begin! Just look at the short squeeze that happened to netflix when they beat last earnings... For some reason wall street hates on bb... Could also be a bidding war going on behind the scene, who knows...
No one hates on BB any more than they should be hated on.
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