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Thanks for all the responses so far. I went with car 2. The body was in similar shape for both, needing some rust work, but for my budget any e30 would. But car two had a lot more in terms of maintenance records. I wanted to find the cheapest E30 that was in decent shape so I would have money left over for the mods I want to do. It does require some engine tune-up, but I just ordered every part I could think of for a good tune up and wasnt too bad. I know part costs add up. For now I just want to fix all the wear items and have some fun

richie_s999 - Thats along the lines of what I want to do. Purists may not like it but an american v8 seems like the best bang for buck, and a lot of people have done it and its well documented. If I go this route the tranny, driveshaft, diff cant be used anyway.

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