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Originally Posted by uber e36 View Post
Quick update...

Since that m3 vert sold, I decided to keep my car. So I bought the AA supercharger kit that kenmar had for sale.

Now I need to determine what to do with the motor.

I was considering buying an s50 and rebuilding it. Then installing the supercharger.

Or do I build a mix? Buy an s52 and turn it obd1 with parts from my m50.

I also have a spare set of s50 cams laying around...

just gotta say... the convertible is the way to go if u come across another, even though your e36 is mint af , the topless aspect adds another element to your cruise, that being said and even though both are period correct go s50 , when you complete the build you'll be happy with the power and the relevance, at least id be i just got a tt u shud give me audi advice now lol jks
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