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Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
You have to remove the trunk liner and cut through the black rubberized-paper grommet to fully see the condition of the shock mounts. If they're loose or defective, you'll notice.

What springs did your rears get replaced with? If they're not OEM, you can easily have a low-speed clanking noise because they'll bind. The spring pads could be installed incorrectly, off center, or otherwise causing this issue as well.

I somewhat doubt it was the tools though. The battery compartment is also an area where you could have something rattling around.
The springs are OEM, I guess it's possible they were installed incorrectly - they seemed good to me when we had it on the lift, although I am no expert on suspension.

I already had removed the battery cover, so it couldn't of been that.

I recently stuffed the rear deck with sheets, towels, etc. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it? Maybe I cracked something by applying too much force when stuffing? I dunno.

The clicking noise was LOUD and constant... I cant see anything that was left inside of the car making that noise. Of course, I could be wrong.
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