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Nothing jumped out at him, then again he wasn't a BMW specialist per se. He wasn't too up on the whole subframe ordeal, although he mentioned something abou the "recall"(class action if I'm correct).

Last night before bringing it to him I had removed the following:
Rear lower seat
Spare cover
Trunk carpeting
Battery Cover + Drivers side organizer/cover
Probably other things I have forgotten

With all of these items removed, I find it being something rattling in the trunk hard to believe. The noise in the video is quite loud/prominent.

Somebody on another forum said that the suspension being fully unloaded could have caused the rattle to disapear. Maybe a shock was stuck or something, causing the noise. This to me makes sense.

The video, although black, gives you a good indication of when the rattle was apparent. Mostly over bumps, although hard jerky throttle application would cause it too.

After you posted those images(thanks), I crawled under the car and took a look at those mounting points. I didn't see any cracks, and it's definitely not "sunken in" like that last pic - but I didn't have enough room to check all of the angles, as it was very tight under there.

I'm anxious to see what RMP says on Friday.

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