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I dont see it as a negative to sell this new device in the US until March..since US consumers are in for the Andriod and Iphone.. BB's decision to sell in Canada and other countries first might be a good marketing play BB already has alot of negatives against them, so this is not anything new.. is also reported that BB will not see any profit until a few quarters, there is space in this world for smartphone players.. at least with the new Z10, there is a fighting chance for BB not to lose more Andriod and Appl...without this new device (obviously to you is crap, so you dont have to fall over with BB fans to upgrade) the death of RIM will be more prevalent

The enterprise users wil stil stay with BB and for young retail consumers, one never knows why and when they will switch to the Z10, there might be a simple feature,(like the BBM video or Storymaker with the photo editor, the Hub, the Balance or the Peak) to make them switch...

In my family there are 4 Iphone4 users with 3 Ipad2 and one Ipad mini and yet I like the new z10 which I will be getting each his own...

Jamil: Thats a good link. good comparision..
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