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Suspension gurus come one come all

Ive got the grasp on doing the shocks and struts on my 328i from all the diy stuff on this site, which is amazing to say the least. Thank you everyone

Heres my situation - the car currently has Bilstein PSS coilovers on it. I have no idea what condition the parts are in that connect to the body etc so im looking to buy a few things from scratch. So...

My set up going in is Koni STR.T with an Eibach Pro Kit and heres the questions
- The Konis did not come with bump stops - Which bump stops Should I buy? just go to the dealer? or I need ones that work with that specific shock?
- Do I need new frount strut mounts (guide support) or are they just reusable or is it better to just have new for a better ride?

I dont plan on changing anything else really, but here is a current parts list of whats going in - Please elaborate or let me know what else is needed/recommended
- Koni STR.T shocks and struts
- Eibach Pro kit springs
- 8mm collar locking nut x 10
- dust protection collar for strut mount x 2
- rear shock to control arm bolt x 2
- bolt/washer - front strut to steering knuckle x 4
- spring pad x 2
- spring pad 3mm x 2
- spring pad x 2
- spacer plate for shock mount x 2
- shock mount gasket - shock mount to body x 2
- protection boot for shock absorber x 2
- protection boot for strut shock absorber x 2
- Rear shock mount reinforcement plates x 2
- Front reinforcement plates w gasket x 2

** need bump stops - not sure or which option to get

Is this an accurate list? Is it necessary? overkill?

What else should I replace while Im in the process?

The car is a daily driver and isnt auto x'd or tracked

Thanks in advance
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