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Originally Posted by theo325 View Post
Dinan used to make a turbo kit that was around 10,000$. The TCD kit has black painted pipes and a log type inefficient exhaust manifold...If you think 10,000$ is too much you might be right but point is that I'm selling the kit for 2,500$.
The TCD manifold is actually pretty decent, and if you think combining two stock log type manifolds with an adapter is better I think you're mistaken. The TCD manifold also has an external wastegate which gives more options for upgrading the turbo. Dinan has the luxury of being able to charge a premium for their products because they don't void the factory warranty.

The point is that you're trying to make your kit sound like an amazing deal for $2500 because you're saying that to buy something similar would cost $10,000 which just isn't true. I think that $2500 for this kit is a fair price, but not amazing.
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