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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Your definition of 'better' is getting out of a ditch. You are not considering any other factors. What about braking? What about cornering? What about stability? What about comfort?
What about fuel mileage? What about weight? What about maintenance?
Braking= don't drive to fast. What about corning= don't drive too fast. What about stability=what about stability. What about comfort=stupid question. What about fuel mileage=who cares, your driving a luxury car. What about weight=what another stupid question. What about maintenance=a real stupid question.

Since your making a list, I'd like to add to it..

What about cold weather? what about warm weather? what about the elevation your driving at ? What about driving at night ? What about driving during the day ? What about driving over non paved roads ? What about bla bla bla more irrelevant what abouts...

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