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Originally Posted by lvan View Post
What about if a want to purchase a fresh trade in from a BMW dealer? Is it a good idea to get a car inspected in that same dealer? I am sure they would not have taken a bad trade.
If it's CPO not sure you need to get it inspected, however keep in mind they won't change anything that is borderline acceptable unless they absolutely have to because they are a business and don't like losing money.

A suggestion might be take it to a indy shop and have them do a inspection, you can then be sure you get a unbiased checklist of borderline items that would need changing/replacing within a year. You could then leverage this to either bring down the cost of the car or have them agree to do the work on condition of sales.

If the Indy shop says it checks out fine, then you get a peace of mind as you drive away.

Good luck.

Lastly, you want to still ask for a Carfax report just in case.
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