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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post

While yes many people drive around with all-seasons and do fine. (FWD/RWD/AWD /4x4 included) That's fine, it's their compromise to make.

No one gets into accidents taking off slower at stop lights, seems like triggerman cares more about flooring it from a stoplight and less about braking/stability/control, which causes more accidents.
Don't believe I said that, Sir is assuming. Let me be clear then. I don't ever plan on getting snowtires on any BMW xi vehicle I own in the future while living in GTA. I have snow tires on my 328i now and it's okay but I can definitely say the past xi BMWs I owned drive better than RWD BMW vehicles with snowtires.

And who said anything about flooring it ? That's a very stupid assumption. Even dumber than the Sir assumption.

It seems this board has a regular bunch of idiots that make assumptions and need to attack when it rivals their opinions.
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