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Blackout - good luck!

Originally Posted by ///tyron View Post
Welcome back man! Not sure if you remember me or not!

How much power are u looking to make?
Hey Bro!

Well, I drive a B7S4 daily and it moves pretty well at the stock 340hp. I love the linear power of the V8, and of course, the growl. I drove a chipped B5S4 before this and while I liked the WOT power, I am not a huge fan of the turbo lag.

With the e36 being lighter and less power being robbed by AWD, I imagine anywhere from 350-400hp, at the crank, would be as much power as I would need.

I was thinking of buying a used S50/52 and rebuilding it in the garage. I want the experience of doing that myself and I have a friend who is a BMW master tech who could help with what I can't do. I can drop that in an experience the upgrade. Then, the next year, I can buy a supercharger, like the AA HKS setup and be happy.

S54 would be cool but it seems like it would offer less hp than the above, for roughly the same cost. I'm also not as comfortable working on an S54 and I like the idea of being period correct.

Keep in mind, this car will be driven occasionally through the Summer and I have no interest in the track.

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