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Just truckin' along here... got the driver side A Pillar bar fabbed up. Fits good enough to my liking... Also did a seat test fit. Surprisingly, the Recaro is much thinner than the Sparco that used to be in here, yet its roomier to sit in! Weird!!

Once the two A Pillar bars were secured to the main hoop, it was time to create the cross bar at the top to connect the two. At first, I did one straight across, but it appeared to hang pretty low and I didn't like it, so I redid it with a slight bend to jut up closer to the roof (and clear the rearview mirror)

Today, I got crackin' on the door bars since thats the final piece of the puzzle, and then everything can come back out of the car for final welding. They turned out great. I initally had planned for them to be a tad higher, but the upper bar came in contact with the door handle, so I had to lower it to clear.

The passenger side was more of an episode as somehow I miscalculated how much material I would need and came up short for the last door bar. So thats why I only have one passenger bar for the time being. Need to run over to the Metals store next week... they better have that crap in stock!


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