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Question Dirt got into the intake manifold need help taking it off

I tried starting my e36 325i (1994) the other day. It did start then it immediately bogged and sounded like it was misfiring. The whole car was shaking and rumbling. It then sounded like it was going to die out, I though I could save it by pressing on the gas pedal after I did that it revved to about 2500RPM and then shut off. I tried to start it again after that but it would only turn over but not start. I don't want to damage my starter motors so I stopped trying to start it. I believe that some dirt, dust or sand must have gotten into the intake manifold. I need a diagram on how to take off the intake manifold as well has how to properly clean the manifold. I'm almost positive there is dirt in the engine or in the intake manifold if any one has had this problem please shed some light on what I should do or let me know if there are any tips, tricks or techniques I can used to make this process easier. I have taken off my intake already and have unscrewed some of the bolts that are attached to the intake manifold but it still seems to be pretty tightly fastened on to the engine.

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