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Ok, so his E36 is a peice of shit. But if he's gonna badmouth clarence i'm sure he had lots of really cool cars!

88 samurai, owned it for 12 years, traded for a '90 CRX Si piece of shit.

1970 Fiat Spider 124, stripped a bolt in the Water pump face (the front of the block) parted it out.

1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara blew the piston rings, sold for $2400.

CRX I sold for $700 after I had to rig the ball joints with SUPER GLUE! to
get to my daughters birth.

'92 Eagle Talon... melted the aluminum head TWICE! sold after putting $1600 exhaust on it, got 1800 for it.

1988 Ramcharger 360 with auto-tragic. U-joint blew, driveshaft hit the road, got shoved up into the transfer case, needed a new rear axle, T-case, $6,000 in work... sold for $700.

1972 MG MGB. Sold after the starter went out and I couldnt deal with british cars anymore...

1970 Opel Kaddett Rallye 1.9L Fastback. BEST CAR EVER! Such a happy little car. putted along great. Bought it for $500, posted it up for $2500, sold in 10 hours.

1995 Eagle Talon 420A. rode alright, stupid rims, bright orange.... not so great, traded for a 1950 Desoto Custom.

1950 desoto Custom. broke the pinion, traded for the E36 red 4 door I had.

1983 Dodge Ramcharger. love of my life. 4 wheel drive, 318, 13,000 ORIGINAL miles.... traded for a 1974 dodge dart with mods.

1974 dodge dart SE (swinger). 2 door, hardtop, modded 318, with a modded 904 auto-tragic. beautiful interior, nice rims, great car. traded it.

2000 Chrysler Sebring... only got for transportation, traded it.

1990 Toyota Camry. V6, leaked EVERYTHING known to man... sold in mexico for a good price.

1992 E36 BMW. Traded for a 1996 Toyota Tercel and a dirtbike.

1996 Toyota Tercel, currently still own. 53.03mpg hwy, dont think im gonna let that go lol

2002 Ford Taurus. Bought at auction. just traded for my 1993 BMW 325i thats in my garage right now.
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2002 TiAg M3 6mt deoranged, dechromed, led tails, ZHP knob, UUC SS v3, GROM, OEM 220M 19's, Michelin Supersports
2006 YZF-R6, bunch of go-fast stuff

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