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Originally Posted by jeff2 View Post
My criteria for buying AWD was not to have to put snow tires on (many would debate this, but opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one) plus a bit more peace of mind (based on my perspective).
Yes you're right everyone has an opinion and a point of view, but some are more thought out or valid than others.

I assume you don't want to put snow tires on to save money. But in reality you aren't really saving any money...., 1) AWD versions usually cost more. But assuming you find one that cost the same (either older or higher mileage). Then you are still not taking into account that 2) AWDs will cost more to maintain 3) burn more gas and 4) replacement parts are sometimes harder to find/more costly. A set of snows are cheap when you start taking these costs into consideration.

There are a lots of valid reasons or preferences for AWD, but I don't think trying to avoid snow tires due to costs is one of them. Most/some accidents happen due to failure to stop, which AWD won't help you with.
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