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Originally Posted by KIRASIR View Post
I'm with Randy on this one. Do not get AWD. The traction control on e90s is nothing short of amazing compared to the old versions on e36/e46 cars, and with winter tires you wont have any problems driving around Toronto with a RWD car.
I also have to agree. With proper winter tires and some common sense, it will save you the added fuel costs. You pay a premium for AWD, might as well save that for winter tires. Not to mention, even with tons of snow/ice, having AWD won't be any better then RWD/FWD. When summer arrives, you can have a little more fun with RWD when its wet (and safe of course).

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AZ.E36 FTW. I love reading his hysterical and misinformed posts with the holier-than-thou attitude and maturity of a pre-pubescent teen.

Keep going - it's been slow around the forum lately
This is true!
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