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Originally Posted by GeMc View Post
Dude, don't bother with an AWD... you don't it. The 2WD versions all have a very sophisticated traction/stability program that will not let you get bent out of shape (too badly).. at least not any more than you'll experience in an unexpected situation (AWD or not). Plus, consider that for the other 45 weeks during the year that aren't covered in snow/slush/ice.. you've got to power 2 additional wheels and consume more gas (not to mention the added unspring weight of the AWD system suffering steering-feel). 2WD & a good set of snow tires will keep you safe.
I'm with Randy on this one. Do not get AWD. The traction control on e90s is nothing short of amazing compared to the old versions on e36/e46 cars, and with winter tires you wont have any problems driving around Toronto with a RWD car.

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