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Originally Posted by AZ_E36 View Post
So you admit to not taking care of your BMW and not respecting it or what?
Taking care ( I would say, maintaining) of your car and "knowing or wrenching" your car are different, your statement is; "dont buy a BMW if you do not know how to work on your car" ; then BMW will not be selling alot of their cars for many owners of this brand send their cars to the dealership for maintenance even after the warranty expires.

Very rich kids have the mean to trade up cars often, so SOME might just drive and not worry about maintenance, unlike you and I, we tend to keep our cars longer hence we "look" after our cars.

I dont work on my car but I send it to SF(one of the sponsor here) for the regular maintenance, should I reconsider being a BMW owner?...then SF will lose a customer...
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