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Originally Posted by AZ_E36 View Post
I just dont want him to think its all rainbows and sunshine and stylin in a Bimmer. Gotta give a worst case senario. I dont want him to buy it and then end up upside down in a BMW. Im on my Second E36 and its been like night and day. Last one needed nothing but work non-stop! this one, I dont have to buy stuff for just to keep it running.

It is a coin toss. But one thing is for sure. on a CPO, maintenance is not included. and there is always something the dealer will try to sell you.

PLEASE learn to work on BMWs before you buy some new fancy one. Its just too expensive to have the Stealership do it for you.
Sooo... anyone who can't work on one shouldn't have one?

The same can be said for any brand - there are lemon's in all, granted, you do hear about more with germans...

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