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Ill give some REAL advice. Unless you got DEEP pockets. Dont buy a newer BMW.... E36/E46 are the cheapest and CAKE to work on. parts are everywhere. And if you cant work on a car with your own two hands, keep your corolla. A BMW is good for rich jerks who can afford the 7 quart ful syn oil changes done by the dealer every 3 months (it costs $150 at Mercedes Benz.....), expensive tires (the dealer recommends expensive crap all the time...), EXPENSIVE PARTS!... the dealer will BEND YOU OVER! or for people who work on cars. its a car guys car.

BMWs are just unreasonable for anyone near a budget who cant/wont do their own work.

I bought a radiator, SPAL fan, fan clutch, Waterpump, thermostat, fan shroud, coolant over flow, and radiator hoses for my E36 for a bit under $150, and did the work myself. call the dealer and ask how much for just the radiator for a 2010 335i is.

I always scavenge for BMW stuff for my car. I couldnt afford it any other way.

Even the E46. My buddy has his, and he needed a radiator for his, and its $135 for a brand new OEM one from AutoHaus.

Not tryin to be a jerk, just trying to be honest. I would hate for you to buy a new BMW and then not be able to afford it, and then you will hate BMW from then on. its VERY pricey. its hard to stay ontop of everything....

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