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Thinking of a BMW :) Advice is welcome!

Hi everyone,

Googled, "BMW Toronto Forum" and ended up here, looks like a great community! I'll just right away to my question as I'm sure you guys are busy with the holidays and don't want to read super long threads!

Right now I drive a Corolla (I know, I know), saved up some money and thinking of buying myself a BMW probably end of March, start of April.

I'm ready to spend $30,000 and the maximum I can probably go is about $32,000. Now I was thinking that if I can find a BMW for $35K maybe even $36K, I can try and lower it to $32K, which would be pretty sweet!

I am NOT a car enthusiast and don't know anything about cars (I know sad, but no time) and not sure which model to get, etc.

Now I looked at AutoTrader and I found some pretty nice 335i's (2010). I don't think my budget will allow me fora 2011+. What do you guys think of the 335i's of the year 2010?

Are BMWs sorta like civics (and I DO use this term loosely) where 2009 might cost more then a 2010 because 2010 is known for tons of errors and malfunctions?

All replies are welcome!

Cheers and happy holidays!
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