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Originally Posted by clementine View Post
does anyone have one or know where to get one, it seems like no one carries it
IMO Cold Air Intakes are a waste of money and look stupid. I'd suggest spending your money on a modification that will truly improve the performance of the motor.

Below is an excellent write-up on why a cold air intake is a waste of money written by a Audi tech.

A cold air intake is more of a HOT AIR intake on these cars, even with those hokey fences. They slow the car down in most cases. We have removed several and reinstalled the stock airbox with a K&N with better results.

The only thing they seem to do is increase the grams per second that the MAF sees by changing the angle in which the air comes in and showing a higher MAF reading. The cars are NOT actually sucking more air in. The reason this doesn't help is that these cars have wideband 02 sensors and the increased MAF readings do not affect the fuel mixture due to the nature of how they are tuned (we tune them so we know how they work, they don't work like older 2.7t S4s). So you see higher grams per second thinking you are faster when you are either slower or the same as stock. That is why most people selling these only want to talk about the Grams Per Second and not the actual gains. Since then they would be lying.

After tuning many of these cars in house we have found that the intake temps (measured by the MAF on these cars) are cooler with the stock setup and the performance is better.

Of coarse there will always be followers who will install a big ass pipe and cone on their cars and think they are improving the performance of the motor.

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