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Basically echoing above. I get most of my parts int the USA. I ship them to a friend there and pick them up in batches. You'll save like 50%. Makes you feel good about doing PM, rather than waiting for it to break and paying CDN prices in a hurry. It's crazy what we pay here.

I have the powerflex FCABs, they're nice and should never fail. With your bad FCAbs, your alignment will keep changing your toe as you gas/break, so try and change those ASAP to preserve your tires.
You won't believe how good your car will handle after you change all of your bushings.
I think BMW manages to get good handling and comfort with their soft, oil filled bushings, but at the expense of having to replace them more often than other cars.
Definitely your engine and transmission mounts are shot at this point so change those too. Transmission mounts are super easy, engine is harder as you really have to raise your engine up high to get the new, non-squished mounts in place.

I don't think it was mentioned above, but you should definitely change your idler and tensioner pulleys as they'll eventually die and are cheap to replace. May as well do your belts and coolant pump(common failure) while your at it.

323 has a 3.07 diff, so that makes sense with the RPM. That said I do try to run a slightly larger tire for efficiency and correct the speedo, as it's 5-7% slow with stock tire size, except for my track tires, which are slightly smaller for better acceleration.
I think BMW kept the ratio high for better performance. At Mosport, my car barely pulls in 5th gear at 160+ kph. Any lower gearing and it would be even worse. So sad with only 187hp Should've got a 330zhp.

That said, I can get 7l/100km at 120 on the highway, and can get 8.5-9l/100km with 60/40 hwy/city driving, but you want to have a little fun as I often do, I average more like 9.8-10.1 l/100km.
The with the high 5th gear, I can accelerate moderately as low as 45kph if I'm not in a hurry, like slow traffic etc.

It all sounds like a lot to do, but once you do you'll be good for another 150-200K, especially with HD bushings.

There are silicone intakes, but they're really expensive, just replace with OEM. I taped black duct tape around the bad elbow area to slow it from happening again.
Here's what mine looked like

You'll probably also break this F connector, so get a new one too.

Here's a good thread on common issues.

2002 E46 325ci // 5spd // ISC N1 Coilovers
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