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apologies for my purchase, pawelgawel, for it seems as if it has offended you. perhaps I'm accustomed to older Volvos that run over 500k on the oil that they had from the factory (this is an exaggeration). 300k is "low milage" in the Volvo books. I am surprised as a BMW fan and owner, that you would be so pessimistic.

As for this car; it is improbable to achieve that milage in the city within the last 10 years, so by deduction I can only assume the POs cruised the highways a lot. At least it wasn't thrashed - which is a much greater fear.

I re-inspected the FCAB just now, and it seems like (after a closer inspection than my previous quick check), that they are deteriorated more than I realized, and I should have noticed this earlier. so it looks like I'm in for an entire front suspension bushing swap while I'm at it.

thank you jabela for your reply. an alignment was done after the tierod was replaced by the mechanic during safety. I'm pretty disappointed he didn't notice the very obvious FCAB. but on the other hand, at least I won't be paying him for the swap. I'll need another after I do the job properly.

does $100 seem a little steep for a pair of FCABs with housing?

or $80 just for the bushings alone?

the only reason I'm on that site, is because it was referenced as the only Meyle dealer in Canada, by Meyle - however it seems as if Meyle FCABs are not available.

looks like complete bushing kits are available at for ~$350. seems like the Powerflex polyurethane is more attractive to purchase then the Meyle - thoughts on this?

any reason why I'd need an entire control arm and not just the bushings?

I'll inspect the intake plastic soon - any references for better aftermarket housings? I find it a little embarrassing that the stock stuff is so insufficient.

As for the 3500 rpm at 120km/h being "normal" - is that not madness? what the hell do they do on the autobahn? scream along at redline? geez, I guess I should start looking for 6-speeds *headdesk*.

Alright, I'm starting to get an idea of how much work I've got to put into it, to make it reliable... I think I've gone through denial, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance.
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