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Puts all day on RIM.

It's going to be the biggest flop. They waited a year for this shit, and the best they have is a phone that looks like a black brick.

Oh the security.. Ohhh. Really? Wow, what's so secure about their phones? I can encrypt my SG3. Not only that, I have access to a million apps and a super fast phone.

But wait, Blackberry 10 is fast too. But who cares? I already have a SG3. Everyone has an SG3 and an Iphone 5 or 4S now..

RIM is late to the party. Their market share is in the gutter. The global market place that they tout as being their saving grace is only a matter of time before that changes too. Remember 4 years ago, everyone here had a BB. The other countries are just behind.
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