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Originally Posted by lvan View Post
Yeah sounds like you got ripped off. Looks like they ignored the leak and pushed for something else while knowing that you will have to come back.
Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
Oh and doing work without your consent and charging you for it is flat out illegal. As in, "see your ass in court," illegal.
Thanks for the feedback guys. I am looking into contacting the MTO and reporting them, mostly in regard to the charge without authorization. From previous experience, it really gets the attention of the shop.

Just as an update, Turns out the leak was confirmed after a thorough vacuum pressure test to be a simple expansion tank hairline crack and transmission temperature sensor (sits near the expansion tank). That's it!

$350 parts and labour, tax included. Rip off artists indeed.

Again, Darren at Alphawerx is great!
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