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No 3rd Party Links ****PLEASE READ Classified Rules and Guidelines BEFORE POSTING****

Maxbimmer is a great place to advertise your personal for sale items, it is also one of the largest BMW communities in Canada. All we ask is that members follow the few simple rules listed in our classified rules and guidelines section.

A rule that is often overlooked or unknown to new users are links to third party sites such as Craiglists or Kijiji are prohibited. These ads often expire and go unavailable, leading to broken links posted here. Following this rule makes your ad better and readers will have a better experience viewing your ad. This also increases the quality of ads on Maxbimmer which will continue to drive more users to visit this section.

The following is listed in the classified rules:

-Cross-linking is prohibited. Do not cross-link an ad to other sites. If you're going to post an ad here, then post an ad here. Ad otherwise will be removed.
I repeat, if you are going to post an ad here, post the ad here.

Please take a second to read the classified rules:

If you need help posting pictures, please read this section of the FAQ:

Happy Selling,
-Maxbimmer Team
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