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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
I think the problem might be about going from: "It is dirty, and needs some cleaning, but is a very solid car" to "if you all think a little bit of cutting & welding makes the car ready for scrap then you're ****ed."

If you started this post with "Nice E12 in need of restoration." i highly doubt we would be having this conversation...That is just IMO.
All depends on what you want to do with the car...... I'm pretty sure that from a rust perspective, the car would pass safety fine. New tires, lube brakes and look at rotors/pads, check brake/fuel lines, and change fluids. The other day I saw a video where a black fox body Mustang with paint that had more bird shit caked on was buffed back to life with some quality clay, cutting compound, and polishing... obviously was a lot of work. Again comes down to WHAT you want out of the car.

Would be best to pull engine and clean-up/inspect before initial start-up, but you could probably get away with squirting some quick-start and crossing your fingers. M30s are known to be pretty bulletproof, plus it's not like they are super rare or expensive if worse came to worse....

Not really expecting to generate any sales leads out of this thread (never was after the 1st page) but it certainly is entertaining to see all of these responses..... well at least it's going better than this thread:
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