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Originally Posted by Canadian144 View Post
Up for sale is an 86 BMW 535i. Has been stored inside an insulated barn for the past 5-6 years or so, and started occasionally.
Car still runs and drives like a champ.
I would recommend you spend 1-2 hours doing a quick detail job on the car. It looks solid, and you might have a better chance of getting more people to come see the car.

- Wash the car
- Use a quick liquid wax or traditional turtle wax paste (it will buff the paint a bit). Even use some detail spray to give a bit of shine if you are pressed for time.
- Spend some time on the interior. Use a leather cleaner and dress up the seats a bit.
- Tire shine on the tires.

The car looks solid, so it might be worth the time.

I helped out with a friends estate sale. The car drove great, but had some scratches on the rear fenders and rear door.

Older driver + Parking Garages = POOR CAR

Didn't post it on max (lowballers), but spent some time getting the car look the best it can. The smart buyers knew what they were getting. Priced right. They could see the good and the bad.

It sold in 1 week.
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