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Ah well. Here goes the thread. Thanks to those that have shown legitimate interest via PM or Kijiji.

I should clarify that it's a 1981. The parts car is an 87.

To all the shit talkers crowding this thread - it's clear that you have no interested in the car and are clearly not destined for ownership of a classic BMW.

Originally Posted by Ceeker View Post
unmolested seeing past the bird shit?? do you know what bird shit that sits on paint does to a car over time? not even a genie can take that off. eats right through the clear if there is any. the interior needs as much a cleaning as the exterior. As for as sitting? all the bushings are probably drier then a witches tit...the car needs extensive work and possible restoration due to the neglect.

the car is for parts or scrap. sorry dude..not to ahem. thread "crap" but seriously. LOL
Is your head on straight? WTF is wrong with you. If you scrap every car that has some clear coat issues... you've got some serious problems. Parts or scrap? Are you ****ed?

The interior is all together and in great shape. With a steam cleaner and some carpet cleaning solution it would look great with an hour or two of work. The wood trim is in great shape, as are the seats and dash.

If you consider this car to be needing "extensive work" then you've never had a real project car. The interior is all together, and the drivetrain is solid. The clear coat obviously has issues but that's not a huge deal. The body is in excellent shape and not rusted out like most E12s. The brakes need to be greased but anyone with any experience could have them greased and the lines bled in a few hours.

Originally Posted by 13blackknight View Post
I have to agree with the posters, it appears the car will need alot of work, body, cleaning, restoration, all suspension parts, braking components and being it's a old bmw electrical for sure.
If you believe it needs minor work and some bbs wheels, then I suggest you do that because you will get more money for a car that's running an looks better.
In the current state $250 is what most people would be willing to pay.
Good luck with your sale
HAha electrical work? Where the hell did you pull that out from? I don't think a single one of our other 20 or so vintage BMWs has electrical issues. The older cars are very basic electronically.

This car really doesn't need that much work at all in comparison to what a lot of other E12s are like. The rear shock towers are mint, and there is minimal rust on the rest of the body.

Originally Posted by sproule905 View Post
send me some pics of the Triumph. msproule [at] rogers (dot) com

Also, what year is that TR6?
Ok I'll email you soon.

Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
its a couple hundred dollar car. if anyone offers you more, TAKE IT and run.
It doesn't even have any rare euro parts.
Hahaha sure. Maybe if someone offers me $260 I should take it right?

Just because something doesn't have rare euro parts on it doesn't mean it's not collectible. This car is all original and is an excellent example of a North American E12.
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