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I should note that the panel that goes underneath the steering wheel was removed but can be seen in front of the passenger seat. The exhaust was also removed from the car before being parked but is included with the car.

Originally Posted by sproule905 View Post
I see a triumph TR6 in the first pic. Any decent parts on there that are forsale?
Haha what parts would you be needing?

Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
I hope you don't expect to get much for it in that shape....

You are better off cleaning it up and trying to get it running if you want anything decent for it. As it sits it will need a ton of work to get it road worthy...
Anyone seriously interested will be able to see past the dust and bird shit to the unmolested clean example of a late E12. I can't imagine it needing a ton of work... a ton of detailing, yes. Other than that... some new tires, new fluids, lubricating the brakes, etc etc. If it comes to doing all that work... we will just keep the car!
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