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I can already tell you its well worth it, at least in my opinion. Many others seem to agree as well as this swap is becoming a lot more common. Mike took me for a ride in his car a couple years ago and immediately sold me on the swap. I agree there are plenty of other ways to get better hp/$ like boosting the s52 for one. This swap isn't for someone who's looking to be the fastest out there (a bit of a catch 22 anyways). I did it because of the engineering that went into this engine, its reliability, the intoxicating sound it makes and of course those 6 throttle bodies

I'm going to drive it for a bit and see how the 3.23 rear end works out. If it doesn't satisfy me I'll be looking to get a 3.38 LSD or build something custom from diffsonline. A 3rd option may just be to add the 6 speed along with the 3.91.

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is that stanceworks?


Really going to be interested in your opinion on the swap when done. On the face of it Id say its totally not worth the effort(not enough hp/$) but there is a lot to say about 3xx hp and a balanced car... instead of trying to maximize hp/$. Im still not sure what I want to do. lol

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